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Linguine alle Vongole

What could be more classically Italian than Linguine alle Vongole?

Long noodles tossed with freshly harvested cherrystone clams, gently sautéed in white wine.

At Ciao Bello, Chef de Cuisine Bobby Matos uses only the freshest seafood available (purchased from the same purveyor who supplies seafood to Tony’s flagship restaurant, Tony’s).

From Venice (in the north) to Naples (in the south) and all points along either coast of the Italian peninsula, Linguine alle Vongole (pronounced leen-GWEE-neh AHL-leh VOHN-goh-leh) are served as one of the great classics of Italian cuisine — from the five-star dining establishment in Venice and Naples to the most humble, however delicious, <em>trattoria</em> on either coast, somewhere in between…

Buon appetito!

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