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The Vallone Award by @JohnPalmerArt

Acclaimed Houston artist John Ross Palmer’s works adorn the walls of both Ciao Bello and Tony’s. John Palmer and his husband and business partner Ryan Lindsay created the Vallone Award in 2011 to recognize outstanding contributions to the world of art and to honor their close friends and patrons (one of the first couple’s to collect John’s work and to display it in their restaurants), Donna and Tony Vallone.

Artist John Ross Palmer’s husband, attorney Ryan Lindsay, began regularly writing the John Palmer Art Blog when he joined John’s business in 2009. 

During Art Chicago 2009, John bragged to the Art Chicago Sales Director, Lisa Witherite, that Ryan writes that Blog “every single day.”  While Ryan was pleased with John’s enthusiasm, he then was thrust into the difficult job of typing out and posting the funny, inspiring and informative John Palmer Art Blog every day.

But Ryan got into a groove and began to thoroughly love telling stories about John, their travel adventures, cherished art collectors and, of course, their pets. Over time, the John Palmer Art Blog became extremely popular–with literally hundreds of visitors per day. At the conclusion of 2009, there was a Count-Down on the John Palmer Art Blog with the subject entitled “Noteworthy Collectors & Individuals.” This list was determined solely by Ryan and John. They looked back at the entire year and wrote down names of individuals or organizations that had the most positive impact on the business of John Palmer Art. These individuals or organizations did not always did not have to be collectors of John’s art—they could also be included if they helped us out tremendously in circumstances not related to sales. For example, John and Ryan’s Executive Assistant Amanda Assali made the list because she stuck with them through crushing economic times. Ryan’s former boss, Mr. Donn Fullenweider, made the list because he supported Ryan’s new career move and gave his blessing to Ryan’s dream of working with John and promoting his career as a professional artist.


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