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Easter in Italy

Above: The wild cherry trees have already begun to blossom in Tuscany.

Spring has come early this year in Italy.

A friend and colleague who is currently traveling there writes from Panzano in Chianti, Tuscany:

“Spring has arrived a few weeks early in Tuscany. The wild cherry trees are already blossoming and the buds and leaves on the vines have already begun to appear. The hills of Chianti are already covered with wild grasses and as I walked through the vineyards outside the village of Panzano, you can hear the bees at work and the birds seem to be enjoying the early warm weather. It’s as if they know that Easter is around the corner.”

For Italians spring and Easter are a time for renewal and for reconnecting. Families take time out and reunite in their hometowns — no matter how distant from the big cities where they work. Some might call it the Easter holiday the most important in the Italian cycle of life. It’s a national feast day celebrated by everyone, regardless of their beliefs or origins.

If you can’t make it home to spend Easter this year with family and friends, we hope that you will join our family at Ciao Bello where we’ll be celebrating the holiday in Italian style…

Ciao Bello is currently taking reservations for Easter Brunch and Easter Dinner.

There are also private dining options available for large parties.


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