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@MollyDunn8 (@EatingOurWords) interviews master barista Giorgio Milos

Above: Master barista Giorgio Milos visited Houston last week (photo by Molly Dunn).

“Espresso is more than just a beverage — it’s the base ingredient used to create an array of specialty drinks: cocktails, frappes, cappuccinos and other classic coffee beverages. Master barista Giorgio Milos arrived at Ciao Bello Friday, after being stuck in an airport for six hours due to the massive amount of rain, to demonstrate the many uses of espresso. But before he could begin to teach, he brewed himself a cup of espresso and sighed, ‘After a long flight, this is my first illy…'”

Click here to read about Houston food writer Molly Dunn’s chat with master barista and erudite espresso lover Giorgio Milos.

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