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Mezzaluna baccalà with baby heirloom tomato and olive confetti

“When it comes to baccalà,” says Tony Vallone, “it’s all about patience.”

Salt cod, or baccalà as it is called in Italian, requires prolonged soaking in order to purge the delicate fish of its salt before being cooked.

“So many restaurateurs try to hurry the process or don’t take enough time to allow the salt to be purged properly. You have to be patient: otherwise the salt content will make the dish be too salty and it will upset the balance of flavors.”

Ciao Bello’s Mezzaluna (half moon) ravioli are stuffed with patiently soaked baccalà.

“It’s that patience that makes the baccalà so creamy and delicious,” says Tony.

Buon appetito!

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