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@Femme_Foodie profiles Chef Bobby Matos for @EatingOurWords

Click the following links for parts one, two, and three of Houston food writer Mai Pham’s excellent profile and interview with Ciao Bello Chef Bobby Matos for the Houston Press.

“Ciao Bello, Tony Vallone’s lighter, more casual version of his iconic Tony’s in River Oaks, offers some of the best Italian food I’ve sampled in Houston,” writes Mai, a veteran of the Houston food scene.

“Located in the Galleria area on San Felipe near Post Oak, it doesn’t immediately strike you as a neighborhood restaurant, but that’s in essence what it is. The prices are reasonable, the pastas are handmade, the pizzas are incredible and though it’s probably not as “hot” as some of the newer restaurants that have opened this year, it’s one of those solid places with food that is crave-worthy, and it’s worth coming back to. A lot of that is thanks to Chef Bobby Matos, the California transplant who took over Ciao Bello’s kitchen some two years ago. We sat down with him for a chat last week to learn more about this new dad and chef.”

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