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Tony Vallone among CultureMap’s “prominent Houstonians predicting the future”

tony vallone restaurant

Here’s what Tony Vallone told the editors of CultureMap when they asked him and other prominent Houstonians to share his predictions for the city in 2033.

Houston is already one of our country’s leading cities for the arts and opportunity. And it’s also one of the nation’s bright spots for food and wine culture.

Thirty years from now, Houstonians will look back at the 2010s and remember them as the years that the rest of the U.S. began to take notice of the emerging, vibrant food scene here.

But in 2033, Houstonians won’t stand for the poor imitations of Italian food that we still see so much of.

Today, I’m able import so many ingredients from Italy for my restaurants. That wasn’t possible thirty years ago.

This trend will continue and authenticity and purity of ingredients will be the benchmarks for great Italian cuisine and fine dining in general.

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