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Houston Chronicle recommends our Challah Egg Sandwich for Mother’s Day

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A note from Tony:

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite American traditions. Not only does it bring families together to celebrate but it also happens to fall during the springtime, when our gardens and vegetable markets explode with the flavors of the richest season for cooking.

This year I was thrilled to see that our hometown paper, the Houston Chronicle, recommended six of my Mother’s Day specials for this year’s holiday.

The Challah Egg Sandwich from Ciao Bello (above) was one of them.

It came as no surprise since it’s been a favorite of guests since we added it a few weeks ago to our new brunch menu.

I hope to see you at one of my restaurants this Sunday for brunch, lunch, or dinner (although please note that Tony’s will be open only for lunch). Whatever your family does to celebrate mom’s special day, I wish you a happy and healthy Mother’s Day!

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