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Cioppino, authentic Genovese shellfish soup, a summer fav at Ciao Bello!

cioppino houston texas

When it comes to authentic Italian cuisine in Houston, there’s no one who can come close to Tony Vallone.

After all, he’s been traveling to Italy since the 1970s when he first began his research into classic Italian gastronomy — long before the Italian food and wine renaissance began to take shape in the U.S.

One of Tony’s favorite dishes for summer is Cioppino, the delicious shellfish stew served typically in Genoa and along the Ligurian coast (the Italian Riviera).

It’s one of our guests’ favorites, too: With the return of summer, we know that a lot of diners will be looking out for Tony’s acclaimed seafood. And that’s why we made it this week’s featured dish.

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