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Italian food proverbs: We’re all young at heart at the dinner table…

TONIGHT is the last night of Ciao Bello’s HALF-PRICED WINE LIST offer. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to enjoy some of the best Italian wines available in the U.S. at a great price. “No bottle is off limits,” says wine director Scott Sulma. Please call (713) 960-0333 to reserve now.

Here at Tony Vallone’s Ciao Bello we don’t just love Italian food: We live Italian food!

That’s one of the reasons why we love Italian food and wine proverbs so much.

One of Tony’s favorites is a tavola non s’invecchia mai. In other words, one never ages at the dinner table.

Our Italian table at Ciao Bello is a place where people of all ages and from all walks of life come together around great food and wine. And when it comes to sharing a great meal, we are all young at heart. A tavola non s’invecchia mai…

Image via the Ciao Bello Instagram.

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