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Half-priced wines — the ENTIRE LIST — Tuesdays at Ciao Bello!

Click here for our current menus and wine list.

Please call (713) 960-0333 to reserve now.

Zeppole: the Neapolitan doughnut!

New at Ciao Bello: Classic Zeppole, the Neapolitan doughnut!

Please call (713) 960-0333 to reserve.

Italian proverbs 101: The first in a new series of proverbs on food and wine

click here for our current wine list

In Italian, they say: Nella botte piccola ci sta il vin buono.

In other words: Good wine comes in small barrels.

It’s kind of like the English expression: Good things come in small packages.

But it also reflects the fact that some of the best wines in the world are made in smaller barrels as opposed to larger ones.

Dessert wines, in particular, once coveted as the best wines, are almost always aged in small barrels (and that’s probably where the saying comes from).

This is the first in our series of posts on Italian proverbs relating to food and wine. Stay tuned for more!

Half-priced wine list through the end of April at Ciao Bello

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday, March 21) and lasting throughout the month of April, the entire wine list at Ciao Bello will be half-priced on Tuesdays (lunch and dinner).

“Ciao Bello’s list is about half the size of Vallone’s,” wrote Houston restaurant critic Eric Sandler today for CultureMap, and it’s “squarely focused on Italian wines that will take people beyond Pinot Grigio and Sangiovese. With a selection of white wines and Sicilian varietals, Sulma thinks it’s one of the best Italian-focused lists in the city.”

“‘(General manager) David (Siegman) has done a great job of running with the list I started,'” said Ciao Bello partner Scott Sulma in an interview with Eric. “‘There’s approachable wines that pair with the food. We have a new chef that’s doing a modern take on Italian cuisine, and he’s really done a great job with the menu. The timing couldn’t be better to do something like this.'”

Click here for the current wine list and menus.

And please call (713) 960-0333 to reserve now.

Have you seen our Instagram lately?

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Just because we have a new menu doesn’t mean we aren’t still serving our classic Roman pizza

Please call (713) 960-0333 to reserve now. Our pizza can also be ordered to go…

What could be more Italian than a hamburger? Say what?

The Classic American Hamburger, one of our country’s truly “national” dishes, served from sea to shining sea.

But in recent years, the hamburger has also found its way across the Atlantic ocean: Today, hamburgers and amburgherie (ahm-BUR-gheh-REE-eh), in other words, hamburger joints, are among the most popular dishes in Italy.

Don’t believe us? Just look at this post from a popular Italian food blog from last year. It offers readers a list of the “best hamburgers in Milan” (and there are many of them!).

Just because we are passionate about Italian food here at Ciao Bello doesn’t mean that we don’t also dabble in American food.

And after all, what could be more Italian than a hamburger?

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