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Houston Restaurant Weeks Returns to Ciao Bello!

Saluti! Raise your glass to a good cause!

We’re proud to be a part of Houston Restaurant Weeks. Come into Ciao Bello for brunch, lunch, or dinner from August 1 to September 4, and enjoy an authentic Italian dining experience in acasual, cozy atmosphere reminiscent of the neapolitan countryside.

For the fixed price of $20, enjoy a two-course lunch with Tuscan staples like Italian wedding soup and osso buco ravioli, slow-braised veal-stuffed pasta with marinara and wild mushrooms. For just $22, join us for a two-course brunch featuring customer favorites, including our fried chicken with porcini, mashed potatoes, and sage honey.

And for only $35, indulge in a four-course dinner with your choice of appetizer, soup or salad, entree, and dessert. Start with the lamb meatball sliders with ricotta, spicy marinara, saba-onion jam, and pickled cucumber or the fried calamari. End with a housemade cannoli or strawberry cassata, heavenly angel food cake with housemade ricotta.

Buy a meal. Benefit the Houston Food Bank.

Whenever you order a HRW lunch or HRW brunch, we’ll donate $3 to the Houston Food Bank, providing nine meals to those in need. And whenever you order a HRW dinner, we’ll donate $5, which provides 15 meals. See this year’s HRW Brunch Menu, HRW Lunch Menu, and HRW Dinner Menu.

Please call (713) 960-0333 to reserve your table now!

Dad’s dessert is on us! Ciao Bello will be open all day on Father’s Day

Does Dad really need another tie? Do you really want to eat another overcooked burger while he slaves and sweats over a hot grill?

This Father’s Day, get Dad out of the house and let Ciao Bello take care of him the way that only Tony Vallone and Scott Sulma can.

And to sweeten the deal, Dad’s dessert is on us!

Ciao Bello will be open all day on Sunday, June 18, Father’s Day, 2017. Dessert offer valid with purchase of meal.

Please call (713) 960-0333 to reserve now.

No one know Cannoli like Tony Vallone!

If you’ve never had a true Sicilian Cannoli, you don’t know what you’re missing.

And no one knows Cannoli like Tony Vallone…

PLEASE CALL (713) 960-0333 TO RESERVE.

Heading to Barolo country for vacation? Here are some travel tips!

Above: A view of the Castello di Barolo (left) on as you enter the village from the north arriving from Alba.

The summer is almost here and a lot of you are planning your trip to Piedmont and, in particular, to the Langhe Hills, the land of Barolo and Barbaresco, where you will enjoy some of the greatest wine and food tourism in the world.

Here are some basic tips (based mostly on questions that we get asked at this time of year) that will help make your trip more relaxing and fun.

You need to rent a car.

We get asked this all the time. Do I need to rent a car? The answer is yes, you do. While there is public transportation available and car service is also available in Langhe (although very expensive), you need a car for mobility in wine country.

Make sure you have a designated driver and be careful to observe the speed limit.

Like all EU countries, Italy practices zero tolerance for drunk (and buzzed) driving. That means that just one glass — yes, just one glass — takes you over the legal limit.

Italy also uses electronic camera cops (AutoVelox) and the speed limit is strictly enforced. In another era, it was tough for the Italians to track offenders. But now — believe us — that ticket will reach you via your rental car company and if you don’t pay, you risk losing your privilege to rent a car in Europe. It’s happened to more than one colleague of ours. It’s for real, people!

Reserve at restaurants well in advance.

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a restaurant you’ve long looked forward to and finding out that there is no availability. You’re not the only one eating your way through the Michelin guide while in Italy. Be sure to reserve well in advance.

Reserve winery visits (and always buy some wine).

Not all wineries offer winery tours and tastings but many do. It’s always important to reserve well in advance.

Especially when the tour is free of charge, it’s good form to buy at least a couple of bottles as a gesture of good will. It’s difficult to ship wines back to the U.S. (although it is possible). But there will always be time to open a bottle on the veranda of your hotel or at the end of the night when crave that last glass of Nebbiolo.

Don’t stay in Alba.

There are a lot of great hotels in Alba proper but traffic in and out can be challenging, especially at rush hour. It’s a really small town that doesn’t have a lot of access for traffic.

There are so many great little family-run hotels and b&b’s in the country side and they are generally very affordable. Staying outside Alba, makes getting around a lot easier.

Remember that Italian businesses, including wineries, close during lunch.

This one is self-explanatory and is a fact of life. Reserving well in advance is an easy way to avoid being stuck outside a winery waiting for it to open.

Don’t forget Roero!

Don’t limit your visit solely to Barolo and Barbaresco. There are many restaurants and wineries worth visiting outside of the Langhe on the other side of the Tanaro river.

There’s more to Italy than just food and wine.

Don’t let your food and wine passion eclipse cultural site-seeing. Piedmont is full of castles and art collections worth seeking out.

Say buon giorno, not ciao, when entering a business like a winery or restaurant.

Ciao is reserved for friends and family. Buon giorno (or buona sera, in the evening) is the way you should always address someone you don’t know. Arrivederci is a proper way to say goodbye.

Knowing this simple rule in Italian, even if it’s the only Italian you learn, sets the right tone for your visit.

Italian food proverbs: We’re all young at heart at the dinner table…

TONIGHT is the last night of Ciao Bello’s HALF-PRICED WINE LIST offer. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to enjoy some of the best Italian wines available in the U.S. at a great price. “No bottle is off limits,” says wine director Scott Sulma. Please call (713) 960-0333 to reserve now.

Here at Tony Vallone’s Ciao Bello we don’t just love Italian food: We live Italian food!

That’s one of the reasons why we love Italian food and wine proverbs so much.

One of Tony’s favorites is a tavola non s’invecchia mai. In other words, one never ages at the dinner table.

Our Italian table at Ciao Bello is a place where people of all ages and from all walks of life come together around great food and wine. And when it comes to sharing a great meal, we are all young at heart. A tavola non s’invecchia mai…

Image via the Ciao Bello Instagram.

Zeppole: the Neapolitan doughnut!

New at Ciao Bello: Classic Zeppole, the Neapolitan doughnut!

Please call (713) 960-0333 to reserve.

Authentic Italian pizza? Nobody does it better than Tony Vallone and Ciao Bello

Please call (713) 960-0333 to reserve or order to go or for delivery. All of our dishes, including our classic-style pizza, are available for to go or for delivery.

Image via the Ciao Bello Instagram.

Houstonia magazine features Ciao Bello: “When you want Tony’s-caliber pasta but in a more casual setting.”

Don’t forget that the entire wine list is half-priced every Tuesday night through the end of May! Please call (713) 960-0333 to reserve,

Ciao Bello was featured this month by Houstonia magazine food editor Katharine Shilcutt among her top picks for Houston’s best Uptown restaurants.

“For those days when you want Tony’s-caliber pasta but in a more casual setting, there’s this, the little sister to Tony Vallone’s legendary Italian palace. The place has carved out a niche in its own right for crave-able comfort food: thin-crust sausage-and-pepper pizzas, soul-warming pappardelle Bolognese, and the most amazing side of creamed corn you might ever taste.”

Katharine Shilcutt
May 2017

Tony in the kitchen…

This is Tony doing what he loves, implementing our newly updated menus. Check out what Tony is serving here. Menus updated daily.

Please call (713) 960-0333 to reserve now.

For truly authentic Italian cuisine, it’s all about the ingredients…

Don’t forget that the entire wine list is half-priced every Tuesday, lunch and dinner, through April!

When it comes to authentic Italian cuisine, ingredients are what make ALL the difference.

That’s why Tony Vallone selects his San Marzano tomatoes in Italy and has them shipped here especially for his restaurants.

That’s why he imports top Neapolitan “OO” flour for his pizza and homemade pasta.

The same holds for his cold-pressed Sicilian extra-virgin olive oil, his Sicilian sea salt, and even the Italian bottled mineral water that he brings in to make his legendary signature pasta dishes (all made in-house).

Come taste REAL Italian food and REAL Italy at Ciao Bello!

Please click here for our current menus.

Please call (713) 960-0333 to reseve.

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