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CUCINA MODERNA: Dinner with Tony and his new Chef Alan MAY 10 at Ciao Bello!

Don’t forget: The entire wine list at Ciao Bello is half-priced every Tuesday in April! And Tony and Scott have just decided to continue the half-price offer throughout the month of May…

Tony in the kitchen…

This is Tony doing what he loves, implementing our newly updated menus. Check out what Tony is serving here. Menus updated daily.

Please call (713) 960-0333 to reserve now.

For truly authentic Italian cuisine, it’s all about the ingredients…

Don’t forget that the entire wine list is half-priced every Tuesday, lunch and dinner, through April!

When it comes to authentic Italian cuisine, ingredients are what make ALL the difference.

That’s why Tony Vallone selects his San Marzano tomatoes in Italy and has them shipped here especially for his restaurants.

That’s why he imports top Neapolitan “OO” flour for his pizza and homemade pasta.

The same holds for his cold-pressed Sicilian extra-virgin olive oil, his Sicilian sea salt, and even the Italian bottled mineral water that he brings in to make his legendary signature pasta dishes (all made in-house).

Come taste REAL Italian food and REAL Italy at Ciao Bello!

Please click here for our current menus.

Please call (713) 960-0333 to reseve.

All Brunello HALF-PRICED Tuesdays through April at Ciao Bello!

Currently very windy and somewhat cloudy, but it’s a stunningly beautiful spring day in Montalcino today (above).

All Brunello di Montalcino is HALF-PRICED every Tuesday (lunch and dinner) at Ciao Bello this month. In fact, the entire wine list is half-priced every Tuesday through April.

Check our current menus and wine list here.

You may not be able to make it to Tuscany this month but don’t miss this unique opportunity to taste Montalcino in the glass!

Half-priced wines — the ENTIRE LIST — Tuesdays at Ciao Bello!

Click here for our current menus and wine list.

Please call (713) 960-0333 to reserve now.

Zeppole: the Neapolitan doughnut!

New at Ciao Bello: Classic Zeppole, the Neapolitan doughnut!

Please call (713) 960-0333 to reserve.

Italian proverbs 101: The first in a new series of proverbs on food and wine

click here for our current wine list

In Italian, they say: Nella botte piccola ci sta il vin buono.

In other words: Good wine comes in small barrels.

It’s kind of like the English expression: Good things come in small packages.

But it also reflects the fact that some of the best wines in the world are made in smaller barrels as opposed to larger ones.

Dessert wines, in particular, once coveted as the best wines, are almost always aged in small barrels (and that’s probably where the saying comes from).

This is the first in our series of posts on Italian proverbs relating to food and wine. Stay tuned for more!

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