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Ciao Bello, Tony Vallone’s “neighborhood Italian”

tony vallone restaurant houston

At Ciao Bello, our menu celebrates Tony Vallone’s first passion: authentic Italian cuisine.

From our pastas — made with water and flour imported from Italy — to our Roman-style sottile pizza, Ciao Bello leads its guests on a journey through the Italian culinary landscape.

Tony calls it his “neighborhood Italian.”

Truffled Medallions of Filet Mignon over Black Venetian Rice (menus updated)

Please click here for our current menus.

filet mignon recipe houston

Dayboat Scallops over Linguine NEW at Ciao Bello

This dish was such a hit at Tony’s Piedmont Dinner earlier this year that he’s now added it to the Ciao Bello menu.

Please click here for current menus.

day boat scallops recipe houston

Cioppino! Genovese shellfish soup @HouRestaurantWK

Cioppino — Genovese shellfish soup — is just one of the Ciao Bello classics featured on our Houston Restaurant Weeks menu (click here for complete menu).

We are taking reservations and walk-ins for Houston Restaurant Weeks guests all month!

cioppino houston texas

Classic Orecchiette with Housemade Sausage & Rapini for @HouRestaurantWK

Please click here for our Houston Restaurant Week menu!

Classic Orecchiette with Housemade Sausage, Rapini, and Slivered Garlic is just one of the fantastic dishes featured on our HRW menu.



How pizza is made? @EaterHouston’s visit to Ciao Bello earlier this year

Ciao Bello is one of “the top Italian eateries in Houston,” wrote Eater Houston editor Darla Guillen earlier this year. “That might be why the pizza there is as consistently well executed and freshly made as the restaurant’s popular pasta dishes.”

On a sultry Houston evening that just calls out for a great pizza, we thought we’d revisit this great post by Darla.

best pizza in houston

Our pansoti? “Delectable plush pillows” says Houston Press

pansoti best pasta houston

Here’s what the editors of the Houston Press had to say about Ciao Bello, their “Best Italian Restaurant 2013″:

Ciao Bello is “turning out the kind of food that people talk about, return for, tweet about and remember. Under Executive Chef Bobby Matos, a simple burrata salad of grilled peaches and arugula is amazing. Braised beef cheeks are so tender that you need nothing but a fork to enjoy the richly flavored meat. The pastas, made from the same ’00’ flour and imported Italian water as those at big brother Tony’s, are just a joy to taste and sample, from the house special pappardelle bolognese and the buttery rich mezzi rigatoni amatriaciana [below] to the sinfully creamy and delectable plush pillows of summer corn pansoti [above, left]. Impressively large and impossibly thin pizzas never disappoint, either, and the wine list, curated by beverage director Scott Sulma, is approachable and extremely drinkable. And then there are the desserts, like the incredible house-made carrot cake or the light-as-a-feather buttermilk panna cotta topped with blackberry and sage conserva. Just about everything at Ciao Bello is a delight, including the sparkler-topped ice cream cake that will arrive miraculously at the table whenever it’s someone’s birthday.”


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